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Dec 2, 2013 2:30am PST
and please pray for the city and county of san francisco because we need prayer. what is happening to our seniors and happening to the people living in public housing. the gumption that people have of, what you call, cut and paste putting programs together as though it's the city's program which are programs that we started. we used to call ourselves hunters point u.s.a. we became bayview hunters point, part of the city. i'm looking for you all to please hold this meeting so you can get the right information about what occurred dealing with 1972 with expansion of that sewage plant. because you don't have the information. i brought information passed it out and gave it to your staff on where that building, whose name is on that college is 1800 oak dale. and it says city college. the reason why it said that is because we named it southeast community college. so please, take care of the business of my people that has been suffering and still suffering and dying. 5 people have died last week in one building because of all the toxins that we have in that community. it seems like no one cares a
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
, there is a lot of sewer lines getting replaced in the city. there is a lot of work right now for a lot of people, we are getting less and less bidders bidding for our projects now. >> that's something to watch. that's a real concern if that becomes a common occurrence. >> that's why we pay for this stuff. thank you for that explanation. i will move the item. >> okay. it's been moved. 8e, is there a second. >> second. >> any further discussion. >> i will call for public comment on 8 e. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye >> the motion carries. next item 8 h. >> too approve item 79. >> the reason i bring that up, it's not that much money is that we are collecting every month instead of every other month. it seems like quite an increase. >> this increase is because of the frequency doubling and the rate being charged here has been flat since 2009 and it would be an extension of that rate since 2009 observing the double collections and allow our new request for quote in the oncoming year. we have made great progress to doing additional website work with for our customers and look forward to rolling that
Dec 3, 2013 7:30am PST
't pay for that room. the city is paying for that room but the individual commits to participating 2-3 times a week in case management. this is a similar situation that we would be working with someone and they would agree we would pay the storage so they are not giving up this property that they may decide is a period of time form of housing for them down the road. we would store it which is about $150 a month for a vehicle . we are looking at 4-5 vehicles but now that we have dedicated $7,000 for this purpose. we are going to be flexible as people have needs, but the commitment is they participate in case management leading to permanent housing. >> my question is how long do they engage in case management. when you are in services, there is a termination period, right? >> there is variations. if you go into a room and they shut that room and they don't meet with that person, that is a person that is not going to be successful in the program. i think we are going to be successful and open-ended. i often find that rules are not going to work. as long as the person is working on goals
Dec 3, 2013 12:30pm PST
in this very small part of our city and project jobs at 40,725 and while these are really great numbers, i believe in growth and density, we have to make sure that our neighborhoods have the faith that we are going to be able to provide the infrastructure that is needed to support this development and growth. otherwise, the question is should we continue to grow, if we are not able to provide that level of infrastructure and on the second issue that several of the residents brought up, including dph, thinking about our air quality, and i would be really interested in talking about avalos and mar, and their part of the bay area air quality and management district, and i would like to learn little bit more about that. i definitely hear that loud and clear, i know in my own house you know that just the windows that i open have a thick layer of black dust and the windows that i never open i never have to clean the sills and it is clearly from the congestion in the neighborhood and i know that that is real and i am glad that was brought up and i was struck in the budget and legislative analyst
Dec 3, 2013 11:30pm PST
the transit or the bicycling in that part of the city, specifically as access to getting to those future stations. so looking forward to the analyses in the future and seeing that it doesn't create an absolute disaster or what have you, but really looking forward to looking at the through-put and how it's going balance out the project. >> thank you very much. thank you all. next item, miss boomer. >> mr. chairman, i don't see any member of the public. >> i don't either. >> item 15, presentation and discussion regarding sfmta's fiscal year 2012-2013 year-end financial audit. directors no members of the public have expressed an interest in addressing you on this matter. >> we also have a member who has to leave at 5:00. >> it will only take a minute. sorry, directors. cfo, we're required to come before you every year to present the audit. this is the third year we're coming in front of you. i also want to present the partner from kpmg, who is going to present after me, nancy rose. just quickly we were able to complete the audit by the 1st, the earliest we have ever done it. we have
Dec 5, 2013 7:30am PST
and the food resources. and and the city wide analysis. >> and for the district level. and for the analysis for the population of the groups of children and families. and the disabilities and. and you will see the data from the two districts is 66 and it is not surprising that district six gets the highest rates of food insecurity and it is a hub for services. and service provided are located. and you even have the neighborhood focus, and well as the coalition and i think that you can see from this, this is the highest number of for the homeless and one of the highest number of the housing units without kitchens. and this shows you the food program that are available and it has the highest concentration of food resource and even with all of these resources, we will know that there are gaps that the food is increases and i am going to go to another district which you might not think of as being viewed as having a high number of food insecure residents and it is district one and it is the richmond district. we have only pull odd data from just seniors, because there is a high number of senior
Dec 5, 2013 8:30am PST
, providing the meals at 19 sites in the city we are under the continued demand to increase the number of services at those sites and here in >> i want to thank them for the incredible work that the project does and it has been an honor to work with the meals on wheels and, the work that you do every day but very so much. >> we appreciate your support. >> thank you. >> food insecurity is a big problem for people in san francisco with the people living with hiv and we found in the studies that over half of the hiv infected individuals in san francisco are food insecure, in the tender loin, we found three quauters of the people that were getting the form of food assistance, the project open hand and glide and all of the other organizations are doing a phenomenal job of providing the needed aid and all of the funding and increasing the client loads, it has not been enough to take the people out of food insecurity and importantly there are costs not only to the patient's health but also to the city for failing to address this. first, not having the food makes it harder for the people to ta
Dec 5, 2013 10:30am PST
francisco are extraordinary ly lucky to have a rich a array of healthcare in this city for example i might live next door to a dr.'s office but i might not be able to seek care there. next we know that the demand on healthcare resources are going to be pushed to the brink actually but in san francisco we're probably better prepared than many other municipalities because of the healthy san francisco program and other programs that have existed in the city for a long time. there are certain populations that have higher rates of health disparities in our city so hoping it will guide the right kind of health facilities to those that need them and we have a diverse population here and providers who have been providing care to our -- in terms of land use projects of a medical nature it looks like san francisco is on track to meet resident's evolving health needs. now i'll turn the presentation over to claudia florez planning department. >> i'm going to cover the recommendations components of the plan in which came out of the data analysis for which lori gave you the highlights. the reco
Dec 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
approval and this plan is required to be updated every 3 years to be sure it's consist with the city's healthcare needs and that concludes our presentation. we're here and available for questions. >> thank you colleagues and as you can see from this report there's a lot of data and information here and you can see that there's information not only citywide but also neighborhood by neighborhood so why don't we turn it over to some questions supervisor mar. >> i wanted to thank all of you for the great presentation and the 3 years of work and the tremendous community engagement of supervisor campos and hillary a pretty amazing amount of effort targeted at great policy making that's equitable and in the best interest of the whole city and i want to say in looking at some of the maps not only the impacted neighborhoods that supervisor campos and others like the mission, be rna l and neighborhoods at least 2 hospitals with close access to kaiser as well but there's tremendous concern this process creates an equitable process or will help us but i want to ask about the incentive based sys
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am PST
this is a long standing issue of overnight vehicles parking in the city and we also previously stated the impact that were caused by them throughout the city in our original policy and proposal report. we have a number of tools to manage parking in the city and we use them judiciously and appropriatelly but none of these tools was adequate in effectively addressing the over sized vehicle parking in the neighborhoods. the board of supervisors sometime asked us to take a look at the issues to see if there is any new options that we haven't considered to bring forward for consideration. based on the surveys we have done and also analysis with the conversations with the various stake holders, we came back with a simple parking restriction tool. that is to prohibit the parking of over sized vehicles longer than 22 feet or taller than 7 feet from parking between midnight and 6:00 a.m.. this includes trailers and other extensions of vehicles that you see out in the street. the board of supervisors adopted this tool as section 7.2.54 of the transportation code last fall. the board of directors of the mt
Dec 6, 2013 9:00am PST
of the city and explore the large scale development whether it is lot, 337 and the giant's parking lot, pier 7, or pier 3032 and that we are able to show our commitment to the neighborhoods today and can address the transportation needs and, if would like, or if we want support for future growth and development in this area. i want to introduce peter from the sfmta who is going to give a presentation on the assessment. and i also welcome, i know that we have ken rich from the mayor's office of economic and workforce development. and we also did invite the planning department as well. to sit in. and i know that commissioner, or vice chair, scott weiner also has other comments before we begin the presentation. >> thank you, chair avalos. >> and also at the time that our commissioner kim requested this very important hearing on taking a step back and looking at development patterns on the water front and in the south, east part of the city and trying to match it up and making sure that we are keeping pace i requested a specific assessment of the transit inpacts and the pire.s 3032 project to ma
Dec 6, 2013 2:30pm PST
? >> we are prepared to refile the application tomorrow and it will be for them to tell us how the city typically takes to process. and two months on top of that for an appeal. could i hear mr. sanchez what your time estimate is? >> generally, these matters can be dealt with fairly promptly and i mean that this is a simple referral from the department of public works i would want to add abundance of caution and take the materials and the history related to the case i would not want to approve it as soon as we got it, would i want to take a second look at the materials because it seems to be the condition of a approval was this the slline a condition of approval and we don't have any evidence at this point to show that the dsl is a condition of approval that was approved by any particular body. to me in my mind that is critical in making a decision on the subdivision, is this a condition of approval. was this approved in 1962 when they approved the subdivision and we don't have any evidence that shows that that is the case but i would like to take a look at the records to see if we don't
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
to anchor themselves in, but it's where the city is moving apparently. i don't know if you have any? >> i echo the expressions of my colleague. >> so, that's where it's going. >> i will move. motion is to uphold the large project authorization and to deny the appeal. >> yes, there is two things: one, the basis for it. i don't know if you want to do it for the reasons stated in the motion. >> i accept that. >> we do need to adopt environmental findings. >> right. >> and i would adopt then the findings that were confirmed by the planning commission. >> okay. mr. pacheco, if you can put quickly on the overhead, the draft set of findings that reflect the board of supervisors adoption of the planning commission environmental findings and including the mitigation monitoring and reporting program. okay. i think we'll have it in the record based on it being in the overhead. okay. so, the captions of these environmental findings displayed at the hearing. is that okay? >> yes. that's all right. >> we have a motion from commissioner fung to uphold this large project authorization on the basis for th
Dec 8, 2013 10:30am PST
. just one thing i wanted to say and you mentioned city build on the work force side we are exciting about city build and the role pat mulligan can play and the department of the environment and we have them here and there is capacity and infrastructure with cal and rich at the department to be really supportive so i wanted to add that component and everything is set and ready to go and we're excited about the potential moving forward with the program. >> supervisor mar. >> i did want to ask if rich can elaborate more on how this is legally defensible given the changes at the federal and new changes at the state level and how this is privately financed as well? >> sure supervisor mar. so as i mentioned and supervisor farrell also alluded to this, the statements from 2010 from the federal financing agency were statements of concern, and since those statements were released most residential pace programs including ours in san francisco basically suspended because there was some question as to what was really behind those statements. as supervisor farrell mentioned a number of residen
Dec 9, 2013 12:30am PST
the city attorney or the secretary it's part of the secretaries duty in how to calendar it. i don't know if we need to amend it so maybe why don't we talk to her and come back and side what's the best way to address this. >> i want to say one last thing as a police commissioner you know everybody that's been in a shooting. it should be no surprise in the your new to the commission i think all we need to do is about notified of a occ and make a decision. there's no more authority noted than that, please call the next item >> review of recent activities. >> thank you, captain he walked out. >> thank you very much. director hicks >> good evening and members of the commission and members of the audience. the latter part of november the occ combaeblgd if activities by distributing brochures to the public. i have an article online and on the success of san francisco's model and attorney don salazar provided training for a berkley course. to i didn't discuss the pending investigations in light of the chiefs earlier comments of the valencia gardens incident and the youtube postings. i
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
of supervisors would have to agree when you talk about the general offhand that's other city departments they pay for electricity and if the full increase is granted would that be significant. >> it's an opportunity yes. >> what are - >> i wouldn't tell but there are plans for improvements that have to be deferred. >> i'd be interested in knowing what that goes up to it's speculative you know, i could envision a scenario where there's increases in the general funds and that money went everywhere but for street lights. seems like there's been a pretty low prioritization >> yeah. the 389 is not the al all-time low while islam i've been involved it's higher than it has been. >> it's embarrassing supervisor kim. >> i have a couple of of questions i wasn't following the slides on slide lifting i want to clarify the yellow are the pg&e and what's the red. >> the yellow and red are the series loops and the red where the loops where pg&e had programmed in 2012. >> so when there's a breakdown in one part of the loop it's not going to impact the rest of the loop 92? >> when the loop is converte
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am EST
has officially become the largest city in the u.s. to go bankrupt. a federal judge cleared the way for officials to deal with $20 billion in debt. pensions of city workers and retirees could be on the chopping block. that possibility sparks protests. >>> federal investigators say it's too soon to say what caused the derailment in new york. a union official said the engineer was nodding off before the train lost control at 89 miles per hour. four people died, 60 were injured in the crash. vice president joe biden has arrived in beijing. he's meeting with leaders with the territorial dispute in japan. the fighting is heating up. tokyo on tuesday, joe biden emphasised u.s. support for japan. >> there are more protesters in the capital of kiev ukraine. demonstrators are demanding that the government step down. they are angry at the president rejecting closer ties. sneeze are the headlines. "america tonight" is up next. you can always get the latest news on see you back here tomorrow night. need manpower. also tonight. lessons learned? the latest read on how u.s. students
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
education is the key to life. >> i want them to go to school. >> it's a challenge in a city where 60% of public schoolchildren are not learning at grade level. >> it's one of the worst school systems in the state. how many generations of children do you disserve before you say, "let's try something different." lionel rainey is pushing for a different plan for better schools. by breaking away from baton rouge, and starting a new city. the city of st george would encompass an unincorporated area home to a fifth of the residents, it would control and run schools with its own tax residence. >> it's not about starting a city, it's about education. >> it's about 100% total about education. we came into this saying we want to take accountability for the schools in our area >> critics say st george would take more than accountability. the break-up could cost the city at large $53 million - 20% of its budget and would segregate the city. baton rouge is majority black. st george would be a majority white at a 3:1 ratio. >> now we would have white kids going to school over here on this end of t
Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
a city in the way home i group chairman terry cloth and said he was especially impressed by hokies technological applications related to carbon nanotubes. tara called the ten detainees priceline paste as a gift ever to send it as pushes for a peaceful cross strait relationship art and also present is and the tree of good and secretary want to bleach and prosperity in electronic business there. but the recliner and any that aren't too close a collaboration with crippling have one entire night. if you care. carrick was said that he had to cut the crust retreat cooperation but held that this transformation and a structural transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victi
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
light and life and light in the city and the lights and the lifestyle. what is your perception of the connection between the two in each finger. why anyone thinks that it's yes i think our own server. those revenues. cp world so that he did concede that the bowman of the cd original building course the two small parts on at the same time. we can go the lights he has become sort of offence that night p and without consciously on being aware of the key tells of the night you could die and ict you know i can eat own we believe that life has a great impact on both our individual level and is about as the society of the next and so on. we hope to. on the awareness of mike tindall and my weekend we have better living and i'm inside them ok and the people would start the program today for example what happened number of very skilled technicians who would try to fix the light in our studio in sydney today you a night when we appear on the hill that they would know that better than we actually are. and the oatmeal the same kind of concept applies in delight and two other you know every
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
makeover or a money making scheme? tonight we ask if a bay area plan to ease rainstorm runoff really a city's cover to rake next stra cash. >> and teaming up to catch some crooks. the new bay area tactic to bust the bad guys. >> also, how shopping malls are coming up with some creative new ways to combat the competition from online retailers. [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams] sunset neighborhood - buried under a layer of concrete. but as allen martin sh >>> it's a complaint that goes back several years. san francisco's sunset neighborhood buried under a layer of concrete. but as allen martin shows us, the city thinks it has a new solution >> it might be. the city tried issuing fines people happily paid them so now a new strategy. offer homeowners over $1,000 worth of yardwork for just a few hundred dollars. >> reporter: in a city famed for its landscape of soft green hills, the sunset district is, well, just a little bit harder. >> there's definitely a lot of concrete. you don't see a lot of gardens. >> reporter: of course, there are some exceptions. >> it's a small pi
Dec 3, 2013 9:00am PST
in the last hour a federal junlg ruled detroit eligible to file chapter 9 bankruptcy. we'll discuss motor city and pension problems when detroit's mayor dave bing joins us just ahead. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. how naughty was he? oh boy... [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown sp
Dec 2, 2013 7:30am PST
the years city hall has cut and cut and cut from the budget of this department and the department keeps finding new ways to move our park system forward. and now the voters, you've done your job. it is now our turn to do our job and make sure that we're investing in the maintenance of our parks, so that we have enough gardeners and park patrol officers and rec directors and making sure we're doing our part of the job. and, so, i look forward to working with supervisor farrell and phil and everyone else to get that dub. ~ done. so, congratulations, everyone. (applause) >> thank you, scott. it's really great to be here. i actually have three kids. they're playing in the playground. they're having a blast. what a gorgeous design this playground put together, this entire park. thank you for supporting our parks. thank you for supporting our bond. thank you for the partnership you created to actually help this park. it's a great example for the rest of san francisco how we pulled together to support the best of this city. so, congratulations. i'm going to go find my kids. this is a wonderful
Al Jazeera America
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
for a national strike. >>> tonight, crews are working to clear the scene of a train crash in new york city that de-railed on its way to manhattan. at least four people are dead, 63 more hurt of those, at least 11 are in critical condition tonight. al jazeera kimberly dukehardt has the latest from the bronx. >> fire fighters, police and the ntsb could not working through the night, checking the tracks, the actual train cars, mechanical equipment, communication equipment, to try to figure out what went horrible wrong. the holiday weekend ended in tragedy and chaos for those on board this suburban commuter train in northern new york city. the crash happened early sunday morning. >> incidentally, we have reco recovered the event recorder and downloaded the data off of the locomotive. we haven't had a chance to analyze it or verify it at this point. >> officials say the train was carrying about 150 passengers and heading to new york's granted central terminal. >> there was screaming and people trying out to god and asking for their families. it was pretty gruesome. >> it de-railed on a curved s
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
is looking to save the city money but it may cost some workers their jobs. as our len ramirez reports, street sweepers are getting the word their jobs may be outsourced, right at their busiest time of year. >> reporter: street sweepers in palo alto are like turkeys and football players. it wouldn't be fall without them. >> these people have been here years and years. they have experience. they know their jobs. they take pride in their jobs. >> reporter: and in a leafy city like palo alto, it is a big job. take a look at the size of those piles of leaves swept up from the streets and gutters of just a few city blocks. a crew of seven city workers has been doing this job for decades, but that may be about to change. the city is considering outsourcing street sweeping to private contractors to save money. >> seven employees will lose their positions in the city and they will hire contractors to do the functions that the employees currently do. >> we are sensitive to the fact that these are employees, it's their positions, and so what we're trying to do is our due diligence in terms of whether th
Dec 3, 2013 1:30pm PST
the schematic design part of the development agreement. the city has secured with mbs a vertical developer a 30 and a half million dollars federal grant. if everything is on track and on schedule for that grant hud is certainly watching and keeping track and the city and county is actively working on. and we can expend those valuable federal dollars so to that end your december 17th meeting you have for consideration the major phase approval and seem tick design and revital ization is a part and a predevelopment loan action and all of these are really critical actions august of 2014 and we can commencing on the vertical for approximately 500 units of which are complete replacement vacant parking lots by january of 2015 we do plan to have a meeting in the community on january 7th provided it works for your schedule and we've secured the facility. and that meeting would start to allow for community attendance at 4 p.m. so you will get more information from staff on that but just to mark your calendars for january 7th we'll do that in the bay view and that concludes my report thank you very much.
Dec 7, 2013 4:30am PST
franciscans at no cost to our city st. to have refume upgrades to property homeowners in san francisco. it's the special pinsz that will help prevent energy efficient upgrade and a spreading e spraifd the cost recovery over the life the unit. it will help to finance upgrades through the property assessment and the capita will be priority by private entities would no financial risk to our at the center everyday we're here fortunately in lieu of to witness the clean up air energy economy we know this could trigger a market transformation for the evolution we're witnessing but in order to unleash the potential we must provide the cat lift for a are you unnecessarily product and services. that catalyst as i mentioned it green finance sf. we've seen other parts of the state here in california that have adapted pace programs like in riverside county and have each year the positive impacts. we know the stories of individual that have benefited from the pace programs. we know those upgrades can save money for crucial home improvement projects but illuminate bills. in the future it was important fo
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
at today's top stories. detroit has become the largest u.s. city to ever enter bankcy. the city's $18 billion debt could include cutting pensions. >>> results of drug and alcohol tests on the train operator of the train that went offel rails came in negative. >> an american contractor has been held in a cuban prison for four years. he was setting up internet on the island and the government felt it was to undermine the government. >>> 85-year-old merrill newman has been detained in north korea since october. those are your headlines stori stories. >> what difference will two or three additional dollars per hour make in the life of low-wage americans and their times and the economy as a whole? the debate surrounding raising the minimum wage is the inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. the wheels of the american economy turned with the labor of low wage workers across this country. the dishwashers, retail sales people and healthcare providers who toil at the federal minimum wage haven't seen a pay raise in four years and efforts in congress to find one have stagnated. cities, states,
FOX Business
Dec 8, 2013 2:30am EST
to resuscitate detroit, senator rand paul is here revealing his free market blueprint to get the motor city rolling again. with more cities on the brink, they might learn a thing or two before they go bust, too. plus -- >> there will be no more taxpayer funded bayouilouts, period. >> america is getting fed up. now the white house may be about to hand insurance companies another massive bailout because of obama care and you'll be paying for it. then, listen up, kids, don't be a maker, be a taker. a 6thgrader getting schooled in liberalism and it might make parents' heads explode. >> i can't raise money, work hard, have a good work ethic, but they can beg. >> they told her to beg, but we beg to differ. cashing in, always seeking the truth, starts right now. >> hi, everyone. detroit is beaten, burned out and now bankrupt but a beam of bright light is emerging from the right. this an exclusive interview you will see only here. senator rand paul joins us from the motor city. tell us what your plan consists of. >> this is a free market plan to rescue detroit. weapon don't rescue detroit by taking
Dec 2, 2013 4:30am PST
be able to help them identify a upon suspect. >> oakland police are investigating the city's 84th homicide of the year. police say an oakland man in his 20's was shot and killed near intersection 580 before 10:00 last night. according to the investigators the victim was in front of a home and he was hit in the hold. he died at seen. our media party reports that the shooter drove away in a green car. there have been no arrests. >> 2-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a pond could make a full recovery after being underwater for ten minutes. the toddler would have died if not for the courageous responsibility firefighters. we hockey with the boy's rescuers. >> we rescued a child and it hit home and made we feel very grateful for my friends and family. >> saturday afternoon, the fire department paramedic jumped into this creek looking for a two-year old boy who fell in. she was up to her neck in nasty pond scum and time was running out because the child had been underwater for ten minutes. >> i realized he was sucked into the area under the road and i could barely see the white t-shirt and was
Dec 3, 2013 4:30am PST
city to the johnson street airstrip but never landed. he is the c.e.o. of serial tek a software maker and throwing small planes longer than anyone can remember. >> he is an engineer brain and he is very meticulous about doing all that. he is meticulous in all things he does, a good guy. >> the sheriff deputies picked up a cell phone signal and narrowed it to four or five square mile search. the transmitter is citizenned to go off in crashes but not detected. rescuers had to deal with snow and slow clouds. sunrise is scheduled for 8:00 this morning when rescuers head back out to begin the search again. >> thank you. from south boston crews are battling an eight alarm fire that break out inside a large commercial building at 1:30 our time. it was under going renovation and is believed to have been empty. the cause of thety is not known. we will continue to follow the story and bring more developing in the newscast. >> the west contra costa county school board is working on bullying and sexual harassment poll after an emergency meeting with parents and students last night. a transgender
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
dispute between the city of san jose and the police union could be settled. the police officers association just announced the members voted to accept the agreement reached by negotiators last month. if a deal is approved on december 10th by the city council, police officers will get a 4% this raise this year and 3% over the next few years. >>> some san francisco giants' minor league players have been hurt in a car accident. tara moriarty has more. >> we know four people with the minor league organization were taken to the hospital this morning. three had cuts and scrapes. one person had more seer yours injuries -- steer jurs -- serious injuries. a transport van carrying 11 people pulled out of a driveway when it was struck by a kia sedan. the sedan hit the van in the side, spun, hit a tree. luckily, no life-threatening injuries. >> the want was loaded. there -- the van was loaded. there were 12 people in there. they were part of the giants organization and they were on their way to a training camp. >> the giants conducts training in scottsdale. the team trainer is headed to the
Dec 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
issues to address the changes our city is fatiguing right now. so those of you who have been put in impossible situations we'll hopefully pass to legislation out of this legislation today but the fight will continue >> thank you. okay. colleagues is there any additional - any comments or questions. so, now we've adapted 3 different amendments item 4 interest is there a motion to forward the committee report with few recommendation can we take those without objection? that will be due order >> madam clerk, call item 5. the zoning controls in the boundary of second and south van ness streets >> supervisor jane kim is the author of item 5. >> thank you there's a theme in the land use committee there's an incredibly 0 steep incline in evictions in our city. many of my colleagues are working jointly or solely on different legislation to figure out how we can stop the bleeding in many cases. in district 6 the will district i represent in the mid-market neighborhoods our office started fielding any phone calls from residents living in zoned commercial building that have been legall
Dec 2, 2013 3:30pm PST
recommendations and even for each of our districts is so, valuable, and in order to move the city to be more food secure, and more hunger free, i and many of my colleagues here will be introduces a resolution that will demonstrate the city's commitment to improving the food securities and will also request additional work from the food security task force that they are already doing it but we are going to request it any way and it will be requesting the additional work from the specific departments and the food security task force and the broad coalition for food security that is here today to develop, concrete plans that will advance our project in achieving these important recommendations. dr. jones, and the food security task force, report will be back with this committee, hopefully, chairman campos on in march of 2014. and it is basically part two of this important synposium but it is really a grassroots to involve the people who are most impacted as well. i did want to say that some of the key actions requested and i am not going did read the long list but there are key impo
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
partners bring to bear. it also includes something we realize in the city which is the central market economic strategy. one of those objectives is ensuring that central market is a center here in our city. all of us here are here today to celebrate a very important milestone of building up creativity in our city. to kick us off to talk about this achievement is our mayor, ed lee. >> thank you, joaquin. he works very hard and others that scour these blocks all the time working with all the residents and artist and small businesses have been wonderful. as many of you know i have worked very hard on the revitalization of market street. we have shown some success, but we've always said and i want to emphasize this, you've heard me say this before, the artist in the community led this effort to begin with. they took a lot of risk. so we've never allowed them to escape from our mind about the future of mid-market. they have always been in our sight whether they are living here, working here, we want to make sure they are staying here. yes, rents are rising because of our success, but we s
Dec 5, 2013 3:30am PST
is a safe city and a muni is a safe transit agency. we're starting from a good place but there are some areas where there is work to be done. in the area of crime most types of crime are low and continue to decline on the transit system. there's a couple that are going if in the wrong direction. we're going to be talking about that today. the other piece of good news we have a mayor that's focused on public safety. in the last public budget had a great stepping up the police department. he's made a priority to forge partnership with the city family insuring we're working together to achieve our mutual goals. so we have great partners with the police department and the district attorney's office. the da wanted to be here but was unable. we're marshall our services together to make the city and muni safer. i want to acknowledge the folks in uniform. sfpd officers are working together to make that safer. without further ado i want to bring up the birthing cheerleader our mayor mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> well, thank you ed and to the entire board the mta board and the staff everyone on t
Dec 7, 2013 12:00am PST
, and an issue that came up as a concern was the 800 block of kerney where the chinatown, city college is and st. mary's school and the hotel senior center. they have been in operation for a year and that year they had a white zone in front of that facility. they said that in february all of a sudden no parking from 3-6 was posting and they are having problems with that now. they have been in touch with the staff since february, and it seems to be unresolved. can we have somebody look into that? >> we'll have the director to do that. thank you, any other new or unfinished business by the board? seeing none. >> director's report. >> director reiskin. >> good afternoon, board, members of the staff and we'll start with recognizing some of our employees as we do at the first meeting of each month. first, just kind of a follow on, i had mentioned last meeting that we had held our 2013 safe driver award event which is honoring muni operators who have 15 or more years' of safe driving. it's something that we did in collaboration with the transport workers union local 258 and today we wanted to reco
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am PST
of this campaign (clapping.) and so to kind of wrap this up we look to replicate this across the city and hope to have a similar impact or even a better one. thank you. (clapping.) >> all right. thank you. thank you. questions thanks so much keith. fantastic. the community heros thank you for everything you do and geronimo we should give a shout out with our new man donny with his new edition to his family >> the coordinator for the department. >> all right. unless there's comments colleagues. that's fantastic. >> that was really good (clapping.) >> therapists fantastic. thanks another thanks to you geronimo. then it if he can move on >> oh, i'm sorry public comment on the item? the heros or. >> seeing now we go to oh, that stupid environment commission people their everywhere. all right. seeing no public comment >> a presentation and up to date of the bayview initiative and daniel the director the neighborhoods city administers office this is an informational presentation and discussion. >> so commissioners we've got a presentation as secretary fish mentioned we're happy to have dani
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
in the city of san francisco so this is fantastic >> it fits about the resiliency combining the storage and in terms of our ability to bounce back after a disaster to great, great program we're talking about and a hurricane sandy was a local solar snauths to help keep the melon and the electricity role help to support people the solar. >> absolutely there's work going on back east it's sporadic designed to have solar to run their emergency need as well as back up power. i think it's a marvelous thing >> comments. >> one thing i want to say is, you know, before we go to public comment. you heard from commissioner josefowitz this is something that's kind of like a pulse trying to figure out how to get it right you start with environmental community and start with that spirit how do you partnership with labor and development heads. so there's a path to do that. i think one of the things to do with this colleagues have couple ideas we're not taking action but this is right before the meeting commissioner josefowitz was even able to provide further elaboration. we've got those roles we're
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
focus and we certainly hope the st. city can take over ownership of all the street lights for the repairs >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm executive director of liveable city. thank you for having this hearing. when we were working on the better street plan it was missing a piece it says someday we'll add those but it's an embarrassing failure the puc that coincident get it together it's great to hear about the street light policy. the sidewalks need to be lit. until you have standards you're not going to be be able to do the industries. but if the standards don't exist i encourage you to keep puc's feet to the fire so we can have is city sidewalk standards. the other thing you might want to look at the governs of the program. there was an audit when mr. kelly was director and both of those looked at the street light lighting responsibility to the department of public works. it could help because public works has most of the elements and the thing that hangs up is to get a lighting component done it's a different agency. so pg&e i'm public works is much better since
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